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Airline Flight Status Tracking


FlightHero is a flight-tracking app that provides a real time flight status information and helps you to know flight status, lets you to track a flight. Aware of the fact that is also shows a real time flightboard with arrivals and departures, airport traffic delays and a current airport weather in addition to a 10 day detailed weather forecast and synchronizes with your TripIt by Concur accountFlightHero Free for Android has 2+ million downloads and has been positively mentioned by Forbes, WSJ, CNN, cnet
FlightHero has been in a top 10 travel apps in dozens countries including Germany, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia and Japan.
These features make FlightHero to be one of the best travel apps:
FLIGHT STATUS• Actual position of the aircraft with the actual speed for most flights.Use it as your personal virtual flight radar to know the aircraft speed, latitude, longitude and the altitude
NEARBY FLIGHTS• Nearby flights within 140 miles (200 km) including a tail number
FLIGHT BOARD WITH ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES IN REAL TIME• Auto-refresh with the ability to cache flights during offline mode• Advanced sorting order• Advanced filters: airlines, flight status, arrival and departure information and time range for the most effective sky scanning• 3 days (72 hours) time interval for arrivals and departures
AIRLINES. THE LARGEST COVERAGE • 1500 airlines: commercial, cargo, charters
AIRPORTS. THE LARGEST COVERAGE TOO• 16500 airports around the world• Nearby airports within 140 miles (200 km)
SYNC• Sync flights with Calendar app• Sync flights with TripIt by Concur
PUSH NOTIFICATIONS• Alerts on flight status changes
CURRENT WEATHER AT THE AIRPORT AND AIRPORT TRAFFIC DELAYS• Delay on a 5-point scale with the 0.2 step• Actual temperature• Wind speed and direction• 15 day detailed weather forecast helps you stay dry when you grab your kayak for fishing on vacation
TERMINAL PLANS• Available for major airports. Download all at once from the “Additional content” tab
SEAT MAPS• Available for major airlines. Download all at once from the “Additional content” tab• Specifications for 400+ aircraft types
MAPS USING GOOGLE MAPS• Live flight maps in 3 different modes: Standard, Satellite, Hybrid• Actual flight paths shown when available• Your actual current position• Road path from your current position to the airport
FLIGHT SEARCH• By flight number and departure date• By route and departure date• Saves 10 recent flights and airports
FAVORITES• Add flights and airports by swiping from the right to the left
BOOKING• Hotels booking via• Cars booking via
CURRENCY CONVERTER• Exchange rate for the most currencies in the world
MULTILINGUAL• 29 Languages
UNIVERSAL APP• Single version for Android Phones and Tablets
Why we asking you to give a FligthHero special permissions? - Identity: Used for implementing a user account functionality for saving your flight related data such as favorite flights, favorite accounts and your customized settings. - Calendar: Used for synchronizing your upcoming fligths with a calendar of your choose so that you won't miss the flight (optional) - Location: Used for determing nearest airports to you and planes nearby. - Photos/Media/Files: Used for viewing your stored boarding passes in the app and for moving a FligthHero app to an SD card (optional) - Camera: For making pictures of your boarding passes - WiFi connection information: Used to understand whether your WiFi is ON or OFF - Device and call information: Used for ability to send a text message with flight status
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